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152. Phill Yasen   (26.06.2008 03:28) E-mail
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151. jonn1   (26.06.2008 02:36) E-mail
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150. Zena Madara   (26.06.2008 00:35) E-mail
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149. jonn2   (25.06.2008 23:30) E-mail
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148. Heruki Otsasori   (25.06.2008 22:56) E-mail
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147. Dana   (25.06.2008 22:41) E-mail
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146. Moon   (25.06.2008 22:24) E-mail
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145. Jack   (25.06.2008 21:49) E-mail
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144. Samuel   (25.06.2008 21:33) E-mail
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143. Sarah   (25.06.2008 19:27) E-mail
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142. Luetta Mcglone   (25.06.2008 18:41) E-mail
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141. Heruki Otsasori   (25.06.2008 17:52) E-mail
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140. Sarah   (25.06.2008 12:11) E-mail
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139. jonn1   (25.06.2008 11:55) E-mail
I agree with andyee2, you need to have a widescreen video player. ,

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138. jonn1   (25.06.2008 04:02) E-mail
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